Well, Bakkar is at it again! This time we've found him rubbing elbows with the premier pop queen in the world, Britney Spears! Could Miss Spears be the next member of El-Bakkar's growing harem? Could we see her belly dancing at her next concert? Hit me Mohammed one more time!

Here we find El-Bakkar moderating one of the lesser-known debates from the past presidential election. The format, Egyptian fez round table, requires the candidates sing their responses. Reports indicate Al Gore edged George W. Bush in this contest.

We have found yet another photo of El-Bakkar and Bill Clinton! We understand El-Bakkar has been teaching the soon to be former president, how to sing the ever popular, "Port Said" as well as other favorites. Mr. Clinton has reportedly told friends, "Chicks dig this music."

We never knew El-Bakkar had a militant side, but this picture speaks volumes. It seems El-Bakkar took part in the Million Man March and even ditched the tuxedo! At least he kept the Fez! Louis Farrakhan, a former calypso singer, is reportedly a big fan of "Port Said" and Arabic music in general.

If you look closely at this photo from the infamous OJ glove fiasco, you can see the smiling face of good ol' El-Bakkar to the left of Jonnie Cochran! What was El-Bakkar doing at the Trial of the Century? We have no clue, but perhaps he knew who the real killer was? Maybe he was the real killer! Probably not. Oh, and the gloves fit!

These are some recently discovered photos from the 1950's Superman television series. The first photo shows regular cast members George Reeves as "Superman", John Hamilton as newspaper editor "Perry White", Jack Larson as cub reporter "Jimmy Olson", and Noel Neill as senior reporter "Lois Lane". Also in the photograph is Mohammed El-Bakkar, who had a guest role as "Abdullah El-Cammell", a Middle Eastern villain that wanted to steal the world's oil supply and transport it back to his Middle Eastern hideout by camel. The second photo depicts Georges Reeves as "Superman" displaying a list of public enemies with El-Cammell ranking first. The third photo shows El-Bakkar as "El-Cammell being detained by Superman and "Inspector Henderson", played by Robert Shayne. Unfortunately it was one of the lost episodes that never aired.

We all know about the famous meeting of Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon. But did you know that Mohammed El-Bakkar was also present at this historic event. We uncovered this photo of El-Bakkar with the King and president. We believe Elvis brought in El-Bakkar to assist him in his own faked death several years later.

Recently we uncovered this photo of El-Bakkar with President Clinton and his wife Hilary. They seem to be cooking up some sort of plot. Perhaps El-Bakkar wants his song "Port Said" to become the new National Anthem. Or perhaps they would like El-Bakkar to hook them up with one of his belly dancers for a little "private" lesson.

Mohammed El-Bakkar also mingled with religious leaders. In this photo of El-Bakkar and the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, we see an example of El-Bakkar's desire to reach the millions of the Rebbe's followers in hopes of influencing this sect's power in the world.

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