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The City of Port Said, Egypt
The City of Alexandria, Egypt
Fine Arabic & Middle Eastern Music
America's Largest and Oldest Distributor of Arabic Music. Est. 1934
Farid al-Atrash:
A Contender in the Age of Giants
The great singer Asmahan, sister of Farid-el-Atrash.
Pink Gypsy Belly Dance
Pink Gypsy Belly Dance
Showcases belly dancers
in Southern California.
The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance
(by Shira)
Shadia Dahlal
A Middle Eastern dance instructor in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Aziza Sa'id's Mid-Eastern
Belly Dance Page
Arabic Music Network
Egyptian Dance!
A Middle Eastern Dance Site
Belly Dancer in Los Angeles
Jaleh: Bellydancer Extraordinaire
Chandani: Ithaca's Belly Dancers
Belly Dance Australia
Tala's Middle Eastern Dance Page
Website of Magdalena
Musical Taste Profile for RadioBastet
E.C. Brown
Katyana's Homebase
Egyptian Side

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