Mohammed El-Bakkar supposedly passed away in 1959. This great
singer/songwriter has been missed but we have come across evidence that
this man may still be with us, giving advice to those in power in the areas of
politics and entertainment. We have uncovered evidence that we think you
should know about. How will Mohammed El-Bakkar shape the world? Why
did he fake his death? Why does he always wear a fez?

El-Bakkar was one of Bob Hope's many special celebrity guests on his USO tours. Here we find the pair entertaining the troops in Vietnam. El-Bakkar sang Thanks for the Memories while Hope sang Port Said for the puzzled troops. They then sang a duet of Hela Hope, another hit off El-Bakkar's Port Said LP.

With the recent death of the legendary Bob Hope, we have uncovered this rare publicity photo from the 1942 film Road to Morocco. In this scene from the cutting room floor we find the legendary El-Bakkar with Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope. His scene as a bodyguard for Lamour's character, Princess Shalmar was cut due to Crosby's jealousy over El-Bakkar's singing voice.

In light of the recent death of comedian Buddy Hacket, we have uncovered this rarely seen photo from the Flip Wilson Show. From left to right, Mohammed El-Bakkar, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, and Buddy Hacket perform Port Said for the television audience.

You all thought had no more sightings? Well think again! We have dug up an older picture of a younger Jesse Jackson and El-Bakkar posing with a copy of El-Bakkar's famous record, Port Said. Jesse reportedly heard about El-Bakkar, from his friend Louis Farrakhan.

The sightings just keep on rolling. Here we find an older sighting of El-Bakkar with famed comedian and actor, Jackie Gleason. It looks like Jackie is helping El-Bakkar tune his Oud. Bang zoom, to Port Said Alice!

Here we find El-Bakkar hanging out with famed crooner, Tony Bennet. We believe Bennet and El-Bakkar sang a duet at an Arabian Nights benefit for vascular research. Tony Bennet reportedly said, “El-Bakkar is one cool cat, man.“

This recent photo of El-Bakkar and Pope John Paul II had us thinking about what religion he follows. We though he might be Muslim but this photo could prove that El-Bakkar is Catholic! Perhaps The Pope just wanted to hear some swinging tunes from the man, the myth, the legend!

Here we see El-Bakkar rubbing elbows with political figures, former New York Mayor Ed Koch and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at a fundraiser for out-of-work Belly Dancers. Kissinger once said, “There is nothing better in this world than to see lovely women swing to El-Bakkar's music!”

This one is a shocker! El-Bakkar and Cuban leader, Fidel Castro in the same picture. We could not believe that we would find a good friend of our now former President, standing beside a hated communist leader! What a world!

We've seen El-Bakkar with a follower of Karl Marx, why not the Marx Brothers?!? Mohammed is right there, beside Groucho himself in this rare photo we've uncovered. We would love to have seen El-Bakkar and Harpo face off, The Harp vs. The Oud! What a battle! Would the belly dancers distract Harpo? We think so!

El-Bakkar was a good friend of Elvis so why not The Beatles. We find Mohammed visiting with the Fab Four while getting haircuts in the 60's. There have been some reports of El-Bakkar recording some music with the John, Paul, George, and Ringo but as of yet, we have been unable to uncover these rare recordings. We can only imagine what music these legends might have come up with!

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